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Now I need to discuss a difficult new moon, due on Sunday, October 27, and influential until November 8. Your chart is complex, and I have to be careful not to overstate the problems that might come up at this new moon. You have been telling me how hard it has been to find a new job. The new moon of October 27 would usually be your best point in the year to find a high-level position, a better one than you had before. However, this new moon will be under siege by your ruling planet Uranus, the planet of all things unpredictable.

Out of the blue, something seems to go wrong that you will need to fix.

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The moon rules your workaday projects, so if you are employed, it may be that something you are working on will need attention. If you have a business partner, agent, or manager or someone else that acts like a middleman, this person might be part of the discussion, and possibly the one causing some stress. Uranus is based in your house of home and family, so it might be that a dream job may come up but conflicts with the needs of your family—your children, spouse, or your mother or father—and so you might hesitate to take it because you are already handling a lot of responsibility.

Another possibility is that the job might ask you to move to a distant city, setting up more deliberations about what to do. In truth, the move would likely help your chances of success. You might be able to hire people to help you care for your parents if you land an appreciably higher salary. The fact that Mercury will be ready to go retrograde on October 31, shortly after the October 27 new moon, also concerns me.

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This might indicate that the job description will change later, and perhaps not in a way that will be to your liking. Mercury is always the wildest child at the start and end date of the retrograde, so you will have to ask a lot of questions before you accept anything new.

I will be checking my Twitter account astrologyzone to hear your stories about this new moon for I am very interested in the type of situation you might face. I hope it is an easy one and that none of the possible downsides of this aspect will affect you! You had a lot of money management to think about, so if you yearn to fly free to a distant land, that would be understandable.

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A getaway would be good for you, for you would return home refreshed and ready to take on the world. The month opens with four heavenly bodies—Venus Mercury, and the Sun and the new moon this new moon appeared September 28, still strong as you enter October, all orbiting in the supremely compatible sign to yours, Libra. Over the beautiful full moon on the weekend of October , you will again be on the road, this time to a setting closer to home. You might travel to see your sister or brother, aunt or uncle, cousin, or beloved in-law.

This is a happy full moon, and you will enjoy your time away. If you find you cannot take this little trip, it may be because you are moving or working on your apartment and need to supervise workers. The theme of home and family will be prominent and seems to be mixed with travel, too.


You may have a fascinating career opportunity at the new moon in Scorpio, on October 27, one that would elevate your stature in your industry. This will be the best time of all of for you to be seeking employment, for the job you would find to interview for would a step up, with more responsibility and influence. It would allow you a way to showcase your creativity and unusual way of approaching work.

You will impress VIPs who will talk well of you behind closed doors, as they huddle together to design your offer. Here is the quandary that you might face this month: the new position would make good use of your talents and compensate you generously, but that is only one side of the equation. Uranus, your ruler, will be in exact opposition to the transiting Sun and new moon. When and if you land this high-level job and chances are good that you will receive an offer , you may hesitate because of your living situation, for it might mean relocating.

Along those lines, you could wonder if it is wise to move far away from your beloved parents who rely on your care as they grow older. You may, however, have a different meditation. It may be that the person you have been dating for a long time will not want you to take the job for it might separate the two of you to different cities, making it impossible for you to be together. These are not easy questions to answer, and it all will come down to your priorities.

Venus has not orbited in your fifth house of truelove since late April to May but will now grace your fifth house of truelove from June 8 to July 3.

- Aquarius ♒️⚡️- You’re radiating beauty and they’re intuiting to act fast!

Venus will amp up your charisma to noticeable heights. Spend money on yourself—buy some new clothes to boost your confidence. This same new moon of June 3 will heighten your creativity and coax you to experiment and play when you work on your project. Your timing will be superb, so give your artistic or literary project all you have. On June 7, Mercury, the planet that rules your creative sector, will reach out to genius planet Uranus.

Uranus is your ruling planet, making this aspect even more powerful for you over other signs. Set aside time to brainstorm for ideas. The inspirations that you come up with are likely to be brilliant on June 7, especially if your project is associated with high tech, the digital world, television, radio, podcasts, humanitarian concerns, or one of the sciences.

If you are focused on an artistic project, then June 13 will be the day for you to knock out friends, family, and clients with your original expressions, for this is when Mars, the energy planet, will combine vibrations with Neptune, protector of the arts, to create magical inspiration.

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Next, we come to the full moon, June 17, in Sagittarius at 26 degrees, which will be magnificent, too. This full moon is conjunct Jupiter giving you an outstanding experience with friends that will be warm, fun, exciting, and luxurious. If you are invited to a wedding, party, or charity benefit for June 17 or near that date, you will adore this event, and when you go, you will likely make new friends.

This event will be quite beautiful, for the hosts will have spared no expense to treat you like royalty. Uranus, your ruler, will be in a harmonious out-of-sign trine to the full moon, a heavenly aspect, indicating that this full moon will be chock full of delicious surprises. Uranus is your ruler, giving this planet extra weight and presence. I am so happy for you! Mars will be lighting your workaday sector until July 1, so you will certainly be needed at the office.

All hands will be required on deck, as plenty of business will be flowing in. On June 14, you might want to suggest a better approach for some of the methods being used around the office—but wait. It would be best to choose another day to voice your ideas. There is no way for me to know by looking at your chart.

In other words, be flexible and open-minded. Your eagerness to do a good job will make it easier for the older person in charge to listen to your ideas and consider them. A harder day comes next, on June 19, when you might encounter a cranky co-worker or person who reports to you, as Mars makes a direct opposition to Pluto. Your subordinate might be disrespectful, possibly, shocking you.

This is a day when a difficult meltdown could easily occur in the workplace. One of the best days of the month for you will be June 27 when the Sun and your ruler, Uranus, team up to create over-the-top surprises and happy news regarding your home situation. Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or renting, today is your day to look, for you may find a dream space. Alternatively or additionally on this day, you might hear of a special assignment that thrills you—news about a project that should make you glow.

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Mercury will be retrograde July 7 to July 31, and you will feel the slowdown two weeks prior to the official date of the retrograde. I would not want you to sign papers during the retrograde, or even in the days approaching its start date. If you need a new computer, smart phone, television, earphones, or air conditioner—among any number of other possible electronics—buy the item this month, and do not put that purchase off.

The product may not perform well, or you may have chosen the wrong model for your needs. Libras want to form deep friendships before they fall in love, and your Aquarius will agree.

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