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The Moon in the Sign Sagittarius

Scorpio Moon thinks Sagittarius Moon is glib. It seems to want to intimacy. It seems to listen and understand. Doesn't this mean that Sagittarius Moon agrees? Sagittarius Moon is going to think and do whatever the hell it wants, and was always going to do so. The main problem is a lack of trust between the two. Scorpio Moon wants intimacy and to know everything It doesn't handle hearing what it doesn't like.

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Full Moon In Sagittarius 12222 & It Is Out Of Control

Sagittarius Moon is much better at taking bad news, but it also doesn't want to come to a consensus agreement of how the two of them feel as a whole. Sagittarius Moon prizes independence. So, if they do get married, it's probably Scorpio Moon dragging Sagittarius Moon down the aisle. Sagittarius Moon, the perennial bachelor, never wants to settle down, and only does so when it thinks its their own idea. If it makes it through the wedding, Scorpio Moon will have something to be proud of. Once they get together, there is one-sided tug-of-war, where Scorpio Moon pulls and Sagittarius Moon does everything it can to not have to have to pick up the rope.

Sun in Libra

Scorpio Moon can't stand that Sagittarius Moon not only insists on having some parts of its life separate, but that it has no plans to share it. Sagittarius Moon can't stand the way Scorpio Moon wants to talk about feelings and resolve issues. Sagittarius Moon would much prefer they simply pretend they don't exist, the way Sagittarius Moon pretends that dirty dishes and laundry don't exist. Sagittarius Moon takes much longer to either take things seriously or accept responsibility. Scorpio Moon thinks everything is a crisis.

These two can't naturally come together and solve problems. Once they try to settle into some semblance of adult life - correction: once Scorpio Moon tries to settle into some semblance of an adult life - they just want two different things. Scorpio Moon wants to progress to a more perfect union.


Sagittarius Moon wants to be the best of friends. Scorpio Moon takes relationships more seriously than Sagittarius Moon does. Scorpio Moon thinks that Sagittarius Moon is being disloyal when it has a good time without it. Sagittarius Moon thinks Scorpio Moon will literally burrow into its chest someday.

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Scorpio Moon is the most sexual of the signs. It loves everything about sex.

Moon in Sagittarius...

Sagittarius Moon sees sex as a friendlier thing. Scorpio Moon wants to be and to have a lover. Sagittarius Moon wants to be best friends with benefits. Scorpio Moon tries to get Sagittarius Moon in the mood, but Sagittarius Moon can't help but make a joke in the middle of foreplay and ruin everything. The problem for Sagittarius is that having to play a role during sex, or to play a game with rules, like seduction, is too constricting.

It just wants to get naked and go at it and have an orgasm. Notice how people have an extra boost of energy. That New Moon in Gemini was stirring up twin flame energy too! What endings do you need to cut out that are no longer serving you? And how can you even find that out, or even do that exactly?

Today we are going to look at that from your individual zodiac signs. So for this Full Moon, occurring on June 17, , here are all of the horoscopes you need to get through it with the most brilliant and illuminating success ever. Aries - Use the fire of the Full Moon in Sagittarius to light a fire on the area of your life that you need more information on. Take control of this area, and inject a sense of adventure into it and you will see results. Taurus - Use this time to unearth some of your hidden talents or those passions that you have been burying.

Gemini - Treat others how you want to be treated and the opportunities that are itching you will find their way under this Full Moon. Your inner truth does speak an agenda that needs to be heard. Cancer - The Full Moon is going to be moving through your house of health and pets , Cancer, and so your domestic senses will be tickled.

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This is the time when all of those little things you have been putting off health wise need your attention. Leo - Love is in the air for you my dear Leo friend, but only if you are honest about it. Be real with the people that mean the most to you and this Full Moon has a lot of exciting passion to offer you as gratitude in return. Virgo - This is a really great time for you to spend the weekend finishing up your at home to do lists, or purchases to improve your home.

Moon in Sagittarius - South Florida Astrologer - Personality & Relationship Astrology

You will not only feel productive, but you will feel a little bit less stressed as well, as you open up your schedule for some of the more enjoyable parts of life. Libra - The world around you is beckoning you to join them in a myriad of social activities today, Libra. Reaching out to others under this Full Moon can be very successful for you.


Scorpio - This time around you may have money at the forefront of your mind, so focus on putting your resources towards the things that matter the most to you. Meditate on areas where there is lack or where you need more information to tend to the necessary details. Sagittarius - Your sense of self will be illuminated during this period, Sagittarius, so if you have been looking for the right place to direct some of your work or soul energy, meditate and the Moon will show you the way. Capricorn - This period is more about epic change within, and you will find that the more time you take to just get away and explore that soul of yours, the quicker the light and fire of the Sagittarius Full Moon will light inside you.

You will find exactly what is worth fighting for, and what might not be. Aquarius - The Full Moon will be traveling through your eleventh house , and this means any group activities are going to be tremendously favored for you.

The Moon in Sagittarius: Optimistic, Philosophical, Adventurous

Not only will the Full Moon illuminate what opportunities you should engage in, but it will also illuminate what group endings you may want to consider. Pisces - Whatever pull you are experiencing under this Full Moon about your work matters is the pull that you need to follow. This is the career that you were called to do, the one that explains your purpose here on Earth. Because relationships can be a focus under a Full Moon, take a look at our career compatibility test to see how your current work relationships stack up in terms of helping you move your career forward.

What is going to allow you to rise to new heights this Full Moon? Are you ready to come from a place of yes? We still have Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in retrograde, which means we are all undergoing a transformation of some kind.

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