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Also, avoid investing a huge amount of money into your business or profession as your profits might be at stake, as per the Leo Horoscope. Yet, you have good chances of promotion from the month of August to December , so take care to be prepared beforehand for the added responsibilities that would be bestowed upon you, as per the Leo Horoscope.

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Saturn would be in its retrograde phase from 11 May to 29 September in your sixth house of the birth house, and during this phase avoid any changes in jobs or investing a huge amount of wealth in your business, as per the Leo Horoscope. There are good chances of you getting offers of promotion in your job from August to December , if you are a working professional.

There is scope for travelling to a foreign land either for a business trip or fixing a business deal, as per the Leo Horoscope.

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The Company you work for might even send you there. The results of this foreign trip seem to give positive results, and so stay optimistic about it, as per the Leo Horoscope. When it comes to love and romantic affairs, the first couple of months in seem to be challenging, predicts the Leo Horoscope. Around mid-year, there are chances of your ex or old lover trying to get back with you in However, after the month of September , there is a huge chance of meeting your new partner, the one with whom you might have a valuable relationship, says the Leo Horoscope.

Even those who are already in a relationship would find an increase in expressing love and live a romantic life in harmony after the month of September Do not let confusion enter your current relationship, as it would let to deceiving each other, and not being entirely truthful to each other, as per the Leo Horoscope.

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This would further add cracks to the relationship, and not let you have a smooth and fulfilling love relationship. However, the chances of meeting a new love interest or your would-be partner seems high after September You might even want to spend some time with your partner by visiting a religious place of interest, and might try to connect on a spiritual level as well, from September , as per the Leo Horoscope.

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This would help you bond and make your relationship deeper and stronger and more romantic. The more you try to explore things together, the more connected and together you would feel for each other, as per the Horoscope for Leo for For all the married couples out there, would kick start in all its beauty by showering you both with immense harmony and with love.

You would enjoy the initial months of this year and be at the peak of your romantic life, enjoying every moment together, says the Leo Horoscope. Take care and be cautious from mid-year, from around May to September , as your married life go through tough situations, which would be very challenging to you both as a couple, as per the Leo Horoscope. However, after September , there would be some relief, and your married would be back on track with its usual pace.

It is advised that you try to keep yourself away from any kind of distraction from your married life in Avoid any feeling of attraction that you might have someone from the opposite sex, as it might convert into an extra marital affair, which would disturb your marital life in The year would have an abundance of spiritual programs taking place at your home, as there would be influence of spiritual connection due to the transits, says the Leo Horoscope.

There would be plans more for small trips with your family, which would increase the family bonding and strengthen the relationship between you and your family, as per the Leo Horoscope. During the period from July to September of , try to maintain your cool and speak sensibly in front of your family members, so that you do not end up fighting with them and damaging your relationship with them, suggests the Leo Horoscope. Any disputes over your family heritage related to your ancestral property or others might see the light of the day during this year, and be resolved.

Therefore, it seems to be a good time for gains related to such matters. As per the predictions for Leo Horoscope, your Father would be rewarded heftily in his office or place of work, by getting a promotion and wider opportunities to climb up and prosper, as per the Leo horoscope. If he is not a working professional, then his business might get good gains and he might find newer areas to explore in In this year , the finances seem to look on the brighter side for you as you would be blessed with an increased income from multiple sources, as per the Leo horoscope.

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You would spend with a free mind, owing to your increased finances, but take care to not overspend and face difficulty in If you do not spend cautiously, you might even have to take a loan during mid-year, which is not advisable as per your earnings, as per the Le Horoscope. Investment in speculation and property is advisable during this year, as there is lesser chances of loss, as per Leo Horoscope forecast. You might even get access to a heritage property, which would be an added asset to your present worth, says the Leo Horoscope prediction. You would be spending money by buying your own home this year , and would also get luxury items for your home, which would add to your expense.

You might even invest in speculative investments, or for land and property in Rahu would transit in the eleventh house of income, from 23 September , and tis would give you earnings from multiple sources, as per the Leo Horoscope. Therefore, overall, this year seems to give good returns in terms of finance for you, as per the Leo forecast.

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The Leo Horoscope predicts that Travel prospects for you in the year might not give good and sufficient results, and you might face hurdles while you plan for travels. Taurus Taurus zodiac sign falls between April 21 and May Taurus individuals are known to be clever, artistic, romantic, practical, determined, stable and loyal. Taurus have a solid personality described by perseverance. Gemini Gemini individuals are born between May 21 and June They are ambitious, kind, thoughtful, open-minded and have strong leadership qualities.

They are curious about everything and love to be part of the action.

Cancer Born between June 21 and Jully Cancer is honest, tenacious, generous, family and home-oriented. Leo The fifth sign of the zodiac is Leo, born between July 23 and August Leo is characterized by warmth, humor, pride, joy, creativity, passion and generosity. Virgo Individuals born between August 23 and September 22 fall into the sign of Virgo. Virgo is methodical, meticulous and mentally sharp. Virgos are perfectionists and they are great rulers.

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Libra Libra is born between September 23 and October Aries People born between October 24 and November 22 fall into the Scorpio zodiac sign. Scorpio is loyal, passionate, resourceful and honest. Sagittarius Sagittarius is born between November 22 and December They are independent, sincere and friendly. Sagittarius are very ambitious and have a positive attitude.

World Famous Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla , Bejan Daruwalla Astrology.

Capricorn Capricorn is born between December 21 and January They are patient, ambitious and loyal. They are very professional and intelligent. Capricorn zodiac sign expects privacy and respect. Aquarius Aquarius is born between January 20 and February They are knowledgeable, future-oriented, inventive, charming and likes meeting new people. They enjoy hanging out with friends and in good company.

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Pisces Pisces zodiac sign falls between February 19 and March Pisces is known to be social, romantic, artistic, compassionate and base their decisions on intuition.

february 19 horoscope leo ganesha February 19 horoscope leo ganesha
february 19 horoscope leo ganesha February 19 horoscope leo ganesha
february 19 horoscope leo ganesha February 19 horoscope leo ganesha
february 19 horoscope leo ganesha February 19 horoscope leo ganesha
february 19 horoscope leo ganesha February 19 horoscope leo ganesha
february 19 horoscope leo ganesha February 19 horoscope leo ganesha
february 19 horoscope leo ganesha February 19 horoscope leo ganesha

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