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This is the calculation of periods and zodiac signs. From here we learned that the Talmudic sages viewed the calculation of stars and the signs as a Mitsvah Precept. Many Halakhic Sages considered the study of astrology Jewish, of course as one of the Mitsvot Precepts until about a thousand years ago. Kabbalists teach us how to attract abundance and blessings and to gain more control over what happens to us during the month through the tools of awareness, intention, meditation and certain actions.

These days require self-reflection and spiritual work rather than business breakthroughs. The Sefer Yetsirah Book of Formation, which is attributed to Abraham the Patriarch , teaches us that the Hebrew letters are used as tools for the transmission of spiritual abundance. Two Hebrew letters influence each month. One letter controls the ruling planet of that month and the second letter controls the astrological sign of the month. Through meditation and intention you can use the letters of the month and draw positive forces for the whole month. It is recommended to use the meditation of the letters of the month every day of the month starting from the beginning of the month.

In the interpretation of the Zohar HaSulam Ki Tetse, verse it is said that we should not begin on the second and fourth [days of the week]. The second day is the day on which separation and friction were created in the six days of creation. On the fourth day of the six days of Creation there was another separation the scarcity of the Moon and therefore on this day there is a defect that can damage new beginnings. The blessing stored on Shabbat affects all six days of the week.

Connecting to the blessing and the abundance of Shabbat will provide us with tremendous power to remove the chaos from the root of the following week, and to improve our achievements in it significantly. Olam Asiyah The World of Action — the consciousness of reality rises to the higher worlds and the power of Shabbat begins to enter the universe. Shabbat enables us to ascend to levels of consciousness and light that are especially high and to receive tools to control the physical reality for the rest of the week.

The holidays on the Hebrew calendar are, according to Kabbalah, a unique time in which we can call on the sources of abundance in the upper worlds. Every holiday is unique. For example, on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur we are given the opportunity to connect and influence our lives in the fields of abundance, life energy, livelihood and children.

On Sukkot we can attract lights of protection and development forward.

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The second day of the festival is designated for people living outside Erets Yisrael. According to Kabbalah, the Land of Israel is the center of holiness and world abundance. Therefore, if a person lives outside the borders of the Land of Israel he is required to make an additional effort to achieve the light of that holiday, as opposed to those who live in the country and therefore able to achieve the light in one day only.

Israeli Jews who reside abroad, who are not permanently there and who have the intention of returning to Israel, are connected more strongly to the power of the Land of Israel and therefore do not need the second day of the holiday. These days are included within the holiday. In other words, the light in question exists, but not with the same intensity of the holiday itself.

There are days, rich in positive energy, which can and should be used along with the energy they provide for new beginnings. These days are excellent for sowing seeds for anything that has the potential for continuity, such as: a new business, marriage, purchase or sale of assets, and even a date for surgery or medical treatment.


Negative days mean that energy decreases, or that there are strong disturbances that can endanger activity that requires concentration, positive force, and harmony. To achieve more success in life, you should avoid new beginnings these days. But it is clear that when the forces in the universe do not work for our benefit, then it is not advisable to start a new initiative or carry out plans, thoughts, or any other initiative.

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This does not mean that it is not possible to achieve success these days with regard to projects that started earlier, but to be careful not to fall into the traps of anger, confusion, despair and lack of energy that existed in those days. According to Kabbalah, the day of the departure of a Tsaddik a righteous person from the world is a day in which everything that he created in his life is revealed, and every year on the day of his death, his soul returns to the world and with it the spiritual strength and spiritual achievements that the Tsaddik has discovered in his life.

It physically represents the theoretical aspects of life and is depicted by the archangel Michael. Hod corresponds with Mercury. It relates to how we think and communicate with others. The energy of Hod can be used to think and act appropriately, analysing our thoughts before acting on them. Netzach — 7th Position Netzach, located parallel and to the east of Hod, is associated with the keyword victory. This sphere represents our emotional attachments and feelings in close relationships.

It physically represents the practical aspects of life and is depicted by the archangel Haniel. Netzach corresponds with Venus.

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It relates to things we find attractive and to which we have a closeness. The energy of Netzach can be used to focus on that which gives us pleasure and how to achieve the most positive effect from that. Tiphereth — 6th Position Tiphereth, located above both Hod and Netzach, is associated with the keyword beauty. This sphere represents our higher self — our life purpose, objectives, and ideals.

It physically represents the self and is depicted by the archangel Raphael. Tiphereth corresponds with the Sun. The energy of Tiphereth can be used to project the positive aspects of our personality.

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Gevurah — 5th Position Gevurah is located above Hod and it is associated with the keyword restraint. This sphere represents the challenges and conflicts that one overcomes in life and the lessons learned by them. It physically represents discipline and is depicted by the archangel Kamael. Gevurah corresponds with Mars. The energy of Gevurah can be used to focus on the areas that bring you the most satisfaction. Chesed — 4th Position Chesed is located parallel and to the east of Gevurah.

It is associated with the keywords loving kindness. This sphere represents the opportunity for us to grow and the rewards for challenges we overcome.

It physically represents compassion and is depicted by the archangel Tzadqiel. Chesed corresponds with Jupiter. The energy of Chesed can be used to show us what avenues of life in which we will best excel. Binah — 3rd Position Binah, located above Gevurah, is associated with the keyword understanding. This sphere represents the knowledge within us, such as intuition.


It physically represents reason and is depicted by the archangel Tzaphqiel. Binah corresponds with Saturn. The energy of Binah helps us see what life lessons we have brought with us through reincarnation. Chokmah — 2nd Position Chokmah is located parallel and to the east of Binah. It is associated with the keyword wisdom. This sphere represents learned behaviour and where our responsibilities lay.

It physically represents revelation and is depicted by the archangel Raziel. Chokmah corresponds with Uranus.

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The energy of Chokmah helps us look into areas in which we must make a choice. Keter — 1st Position Keter is located in the first position, above all other spheres.

Astrology -The Jewish perspective :Pisces

It is associated with the word crown. This sphere represents new beginnings and creative potential.

Shirat Devorah: Jewish Astrology

It describes our spiritual world and is depicted by the archangel Metatron. It is the last point through which we must pass to gain universal oneness. Keter corresponds with Neptune.

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