Malavika yogam in astrology

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Your software astrological predictions are amaizing. Full and broad lips show sensuous tendency. People who are likely to have saturn placed in this sign in their birth charts. You are on top of your money too. Here's why astrology is potentially damaging to our understanding of science, relationships and even our place in the malavika yogam in astrology itself.

Live life happily and learn how to compromise to make a long term commitment. Malavya Yoga , a yoga that gives strength to Venus, planet of politics. Capital of Malva. Handsome and gracefully built one has the gestures, bodily structure and the shinning eyes of a woman. The limbs are strong and the arms are long enough to reach to the knees.

One has a majestic voice akin to that of a tusker, and is richly dressed and well ornamented. The face is 13 anguls in length and ten in breadth, and the temperament is kapha and vata. Liberal, meritorious, resolute, powerful, wealthy, and fortunate, one becomes famous and prospers. One is blessed with children, spouse, and vehicles, and eats good meals. One possesses unperturbed senses and becomes a monarch of cultured mind. He rules over the western part Lata, Sindhu and Malva of the country and lives happily up to a ripe old age.

Malavya Yoga is specific to venus exalted or in own sign in Kendra. If the Venus turns out to be a functional malefic as for Aries ascendant then the good will be reduced. I love to one girl and her name is rovina menoli anthony. She was born on 05th March Her sidiac is Leo. I want to know can i marry her? What year I can marry? Please think sad about me and reply me sir. Big merit to you. I am a businessman. But my businesses was block from loans. Dear Yogesh, You have some auspicious yoga in your horoscope.

It found Gemini or Virgo in 1,4,7,10 houses kendra. If mercury planet is placed on 11 house kona with Gemini zodic. Mercury in 11th house give result of its ownership, but not the result of bhadra Yoga though in Gemini. Dear Sir My birth details are 1. Place of birth Barddhaman , West Bengal 3. Time Of birth am What are my auspicious and inauspicious yogas? Is there shasa yoga auspicious to me? Dear Sanky, You have shasha yoga in your horoscope.

It will be effective after March Hi, do i have shasha yoga, guru chandal dosh and vish yoga? And what remedies you prefer to give? Dear Leo, As per your given birth details you have two inauspicious yoga in your horoscope. Guru-chandal Yoga 2. Vish Yoga The remedy for these two yoga is to recite mantra of Shiv ji. Chanrdashekhar stotra,and 2. Shiv Panchakshari Mantra daily recite these two mantra. I want to know do I have any panacmahapurush yogas. Do I have strong raj yogas. Also do I have neech bhang raj yoga.

If yes when will be benefited from these yogas.

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At what age I will start to succeed. Dear Pravav, As per your given birth details,you have two Raj Yoga in your horoscope. Harsha Yoga—by this yoga ,you will be Lucky,happy,healthy,rich and famous. The effective time period has been already started. Sarala Yoga—It mkaes you intelligent and financially well off. The effective time period will be from April to June Dear sir my birth details Time: am.

Place- shahjahanpur up. Please tell me any raajyoga present and power of their results. When will they give their desired results. Thank u. Dear Shekhar, As per your given birth details,you have two Raj yoga in your horoscope. You will be helping by nature. The effective time period will be from to and Bhadra Yoga— it will make you a powerful person. You will be less talkative but helpful by nature.

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The effective time period will be from to I m born on 8 may ,kanpur uttar Pradesh ,pm. Dear Nandinii, Malavya yoga is active in your horoscope. Do chant Guru mantra daily. Time of birth 4 july , pm, pm local time Place of birth Tokyo Japan Thanks much Robert. Robert, You do not have Bhadra Yoga in your horoscope.

malavika yogam in astrology

You have two other yogas.. Matrudosh Yoga 2. Budhaditya Yoga 3. Angarak Yoga regards. Dear Mary, You have two different good yogas. Budhyaditya Yoga regards.

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I am confused. Some astrologers tell me…. I have mercury in aries 12th house …some tell in 11th house neecha… and told me to wear panna … can you please clarify on this? Will be grateful.. Thank you.

I am not wearing emerald right now just wearing Opal on the right hand middle finger and blue sapphire on the left hand. Can you please suggest me how to run my life? Pranaam, my friends horoscope. At wat age he will start to succeed? Details are born 10th August , pm rishikesh uttarakhand.

Dear Admin, Thanks a lot! Does he have good stars? His mom is very worried. Please reply.

Malavya yoga - Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) -

I see all his stars in Kendra trikona but why not successful still? Thanks a lot for your time. Kindest regards! Madhavadas, According to your birth details you have Libra Ascendant. Jupiter created Masa yoga. In your horoscope Jupiter posited in cancer in kendra. But it is 1 degree and retrograde. In Bhav Chalit kundali, Jupiert is in Gemini. So Hamsa yoga is not created in your horoscope. Sry My time of birth is and not Dob is 05 03 Place bangalore Some astrologers told me jupiter is exalted you tell me jupiter is retrograde I have jupiter dasha now Is it good dasha Thank u.

Pranaam, At wat age he will get married? Not settling down.

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