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Product Description We give Shubh muhurt with very minute calculations with muhurt kundli and navmansh kundli, the clear day, nakshatra, tithi and Raviyog or gurupushyamrutyog, any other shubh yog etc. Best Muhurt for opening a business shop or factory:- In the business muhurt after minute calculation, we find shubh muhurt horoscope with navmansh in 12 to 14 minutes with this "Sukshm" Minute muhurt you can be successful in any new venture.

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Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

About the Company. August 14, at am. Hmmm… Ur occult love is good. There is nothing called point of no return. U see every body in this world are to suffer this way or that way.

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It is ur life where u will suffer from conjugal life. If u marry somebody else, ur problem will start again. What u can do by better understanding u can keep it controlled with occasional flare up. Like diabetes, if u control u will live else u will suffer but u can not get it cured completely. Try to read Gita one chapter a day thiking lord krishna is listening from u.

Does Navmansh Kundli really work?

U will have much better understanding of each other. As far ur Kid- She is ruled by Jup. And skin problem- all I can say ur deduction is not in right direction. Dear Ramanujji I understand where you are coming from. The reason I said we have reached a point of no return because of litigation filed against which I am contesting vigorously. I believe that I am fighting for truth and hence the fight. Marrying again is not on my agenda. All I am interested in getting my daughter and taking care of her, Skin?

You are right. Maybe affliction to Mercury? You are again right on the need for a Guru. Here I have to wait for the axiom to be fulfilled that the Guru finds the disciple.

I have an interesting tale to narrate. Around 14 years back I had accompanied my parents to Trimbakeshwar. My mother was inside the sanctum sanctorum and I was standing outside. Outside the corner of my eye, a Sadhu approached me unsolicited and gave me a Rudraksha bead and walked even before I could react or see his face.

I have been told by a mystic that the bead belonged to a Naga and it had gained lots of powers through japa Regards. Real estate ok. Sir but I hav saturn in 10th house house of profession and mars in 9th na? So mercury related business? As u see, I analyse based on modified KP System where starlords are more emphasized than only planets, per se.

Suryakumari said:. Gender: Female. Want to resign job, will it be ok if i resign now or should i wait till I get job?

Navansh Kundali | D-9 | Navmansh Kundli Significance

Thanks again in advance,. My spouse- Hehehe I know!! But just wanted to know what is he degree of problem? Do as i say and u will have results within three months. Thank u so much sir, I will do it from tomorw only. Sir I hav taken a lot of time of urs, but 1 last question sir,,. How is business and finance in my life? Thank u so much for ur vcaluable time sir!! I will start doing evrythng from 2mrw only!!

Regards Vishal. August 16, at am.

Ambika Jyotish

Rahul said:. DOB: 3rd July, Had a very good start of my career in From March, to June, saw my salary growing multifolds. After that it seems everything is degrading every passing day. Is this due to Ketu Mahadasha? Sir, Where do you see my career heading? Ur questions need professional help. Please go and see a good astrologer. I already said that ths is not a paid service and I cn not answr so many queries. Sir, You are confusing me with other Rahul above with birth place Bangalore. I am different rahul. Can you please answer if i have career opportunity abroad? Do I need to wear anything from marriage point of view.

Sandeep Male. August 20, at pm. Does saturn consider powerfull when placed in scorpio for D1 D9 and D August 21, at am. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

Navmansh(d9) Rising 7th lord Secret by Sunilee.(part1).
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Navmansh kundli astrology

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