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So, no releif can bring us back what we lost timewise!! I hope everyone agrees in that! How do you try to give yourself solace in this situation??

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I am alone,hurted, confined my self to one room and watching TV 24X7 to keep my brain busy. Be in touch at mail behl. I was able to relate with your mail a lot. So many times I too have thought on same lines.


Do we know our past? So how we know or remember what we had done? Also Lord Shani tested us and as is said he will give us multiple times of what he has taken.

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But will he be able to bring me back all that is lost is these years? I doubt this will be possible. Just live and accept how things are and try to get happiness out of it is what I am thinking of. May be that way can find some solace. Best wishes to you. The fact is there, hidden, until is is unveiled. Still, a debatable topic!! But, as we all Simhas tend to be intellectual too, we do not accept the reasonings beyond reality.

Hi MB — I am in a very similar situation with respect to my divorce. Ironically my divorce happened in during Sadi-Sani. But I actually think it is a good thing as it terminated all the misery I went through for 15 years. I am free at last. But it is very hard for my son and he stresses out when he is going back and forth between the parents. I will always feel guilty about the divorce as it will have a long lasting effect on my son. I only hope that this situation is better than us living together and fighting every waking minute of the day.

Regarding my social life it is hard as it is living in a foreign country and with my divorce now I have none. My mother passed away in and my father has not been in my life for the past 12 years. I am bitter but I think I finally know how people are and I am better off this way. To answer your question, whatever is gone is gone and is not coming back. I try to solace by accepting my life the way it is. Whether I like it or not, whatever happens happens regardless. Why bother!!! Thank you for your posts. Really touched me and I can fully relate.

The way she treated me during our seperation was cruel and inhuman.

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I just stayed home all day and drank. Till one day i woke up with a rare and life threatening disease that reuired immediate surgery. Finally had the courage to move out and live on my own forthe fist time. And it has been really tough for me mentally and finacially. I spend a whole year looking for work unsuccessfuly and was living off my dwindling saving. I found a stupid job and am living from paycheck to paycheck now. The last few years I have managed to lose everything. I feel so alone and hopeless all the time. I often wonder if I was so greedy and evil in the last life.

Why am I suffering like this now? The constant anxiety, panic attacks and suicidal depression wears me down so much. I always have to be watching TV or movies in order to distract myself from thinking about the ugliest things. I do believe that my mental tension has eased a bit since Nov. I have stopped trying to find happiness or anything of that sort. It is fruitless.

I no longer believe in free will. I know the feeling about Thanksgiving. This year I was with people but the past 6 years I was alone.

I am scared about Friday evenings and holidays. Hope all this changes now. We Simhas need each other and I will use this place as my diary. Just to let you guys know Even though Sade Sati is over now or will be on Dec. It is still not a good time for me untell mid Yesterday was the American holiday thanks Giving. A time when friends and family come together for to share a feast and to be thankful for all they have.

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I spent it alone witho no one. Yesterday was so depressing…all i did was walk the streets not wanting to go home to that hopeless feeling. All the shops and restaurants were empty…..

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Thanks for your sharing as well!! I think it really helps when you connect with people similar in your situation. I would still say, decline in our lives are too dramatic, but we endured them all because we are — Simhas. We are supposed to be gracious even in the worst moves we are complelled to follow!!! I think we all simhas should be proud!!

Yes, we do tend to take our own course a lion does not need crowd , and that might put us into a secluded position. Wish we all get grace of the almightly to overcome our failures, pain, seclusion, saddening thoughts. That should be a good starting point for every simha! HI MB. Thanks Karl.

Will mail u in your gmail account later.

Have a nice day Hope things will get better. I can feel some relief. A lot of family drama happened on the 14th and spent the past few days crying… But now things are starting to look up. Got a good job today eventhough i didnt work for a long time. Complete freedom from the bondage of past few months. My Nakshatra is Poorvaphalguni 1st Pada… may be thats why I already feel a difference. Jus read your post and Im sure so many ppl pleading their grievances and praying daily to various gods for the benefit of all the simha rasians will not be futile. Im sure the Unity in Diversity here will help ppl change into a new leaf after the Sade Sati period.

Never have so many ppl interacted for each others benefit and for such a timeframe and im sure things will begin to change gradually when the proper time arrives..

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So fingers crossed and think end of the day the 7 and half years have been a lesson for us all making us wise and probably even tell our future generations for time to come. I spent the thanksgiving almost working and no family around, have gout and was in pain most of last night. Just so you know.. I feel less stress after nov 15th but still have lot to be worried about. Life is upside down since August and need lot of miracles.

Where do you live? I am willing to listen to any ideas but the thing is if we cannot control the outcome then it means we have no free will. Simhas are the most strong willed and cannot anything about the suffering. I am assuming saturn is in 3rd house now in my natal chart but when i tried few websites like astrosage, astroved, astropeep.. Some places it shows saturn in 5th house..

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