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Nothing is everlasting in the visible universe that we see all around us. Part 1 The primer In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, time and death are synonymous and called Kaal. If we examine this closely, we find that it is not a coincidence. Time indeed actually means decay and death. Everything decays with time and dies once its life span is over.

History abounds with civilizations […] Read more. Vedic Astrology and great wealth The mere thought of great wealth brings a gleam into the eyes of every one of us. Everyone wants it but few are blessed with it. There may be readers […] Read more. Children are a source of joy, contentment and much happiness at least until they become teenagers! A tiny percentage of us who is unable to have children undergoes a lot of mental […] Read more.

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What gemstones really are? As the earth cooled, the crystals formed and got attached to other rocks and minerals that were being formed at the same time. Minerals […] Read more.

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Hindu Vedic Astro Blog Blog. How astrology works? Book your Appointment to get Personalised hygroscopic prediction today. Social Links. This approach would further bind you to same person and it is likely that same person now will have to bear your aggression, hatred and punishment in next life. Second act of free will could have been understanding that this relation was bound to end and hence tolerating with grace, letting go of person, situation and forgiving that person and yourself as well.

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Just taking the lesson ahead. This approach will majorly burn all karma with this person, and you will create freedom for your next life when it comes to choosing life partner. May be free will exist in small and irrelevant activities of day to day which are minor. In my humble opinion amount of free will is very small and most importantly even to use this free will a person has to get awakened to some extent else this amount will also be lost owing to automatic responses to people and situations.

So more awake a person is, more he or she can feel and apply free will and mainly it will come in areas of how we react to people and events, which very gradually but ultimately, design the bigger patterns of our immediate and future karmic webs. Heart of the matter: This is not an article in strict sense of terms but just a response to a query.

This is vast and extremely complex area and this piece is just is an opinion, of course coming from long experiences and observations and tries to touch the essence only on this subject. Tags: Free will , Free will and destiny , Vedic Astrology. This seems to be the time to reset your priorities and most of the considerations, realizations driving this would come from your heart rather than logic.

Indeed this can be phase for many realizations. Remain a witness when you feel surge in past emotions revisiting you, they will not carry any meaning. This is good time to focus on family, personal relations, personal values, reform your identity, redefine yourself and bring more value and productivity to your work. A short but powerful transformative window has been opened for you. You will feel much more relaxed, connected and happy with family and some close friends.

Some get together ,family functions, small celebrations or simply spending time with loved ones is seen ahead which will allow you to open up yourself leading to peace within.

Indeed you should focus on your family bonds and opening up to people whom you really trust. Take initiative and break the ice if required, you are certainly going to find deeper connection and a sense of release as well. Travels related to work and personal ones are seen and new work opportunities will also open up soon. This is better week where you will get enhanced confidence and energy levels. Best part about this week is return of your focus on important matters.

Though you will frequently indulge in fun, travel and meeting friends and so many activities for pleasure, but you will continue to finish important work as well in parallel. Professional relations needs tactful handling. Desire to move in past will invite tremendous problems, especially if its related to love matters, so live in today. This is better week as you will feel more aligned and risk-taking abilities will reach at their high which can lead to some new beginnings.

Travelling will come often and you will make many good memories in this phase. Do not rake up past matters, remain in present and focus on positive in others. More than anything, now you need to work on your people relationships. You seemed to have given enough attention and time to self for pursuing your goals, for enjoyment and now you will be required to look into relationships aspect.

It might be wise to take initiatives and mend some of your troubled relations, which obviously will need lowering down of ego. This also means taking some corrective measures at work to improve your professional relations which will directly lead to enhanced image. So time to work on subtle aspects. This week its your task to deal with difficult emotions, grudges, face your greed and jealousy without justifying it.

This also means facing difficult relations and trying to find ways to mend them. Trouble with friends can come in no time if you are too judgmental. This week you can react owing to your biased attitude. Spend on your needs and not by getting influenced by something or someone or simply for showoff. This is good week for many trips, intense engagement in fun activities. You are going to socialize heavily, meet friends, will pick up conversation with many of old friends and family members as well.

October 4, 12222

You also seem to be thinking of taking new initiatives, though at the moment it seems only an exaggeration and you need to define plan properly. This is good time to take break, enjoy for a while. Do keep some amount of time for your family members as well which will ask for your attention. Money flows in now bringing in much relief and you will be doing things, fulfilling responsibilities this week which you always wanted. Some shopping, buying things of your desire is also seen. You will make many new memories with loved ones and some meeting with friends, parties and fun activities are seen as well.

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Career matters look average where you can feel pressure and lack of support which you expected. Do not rely too heavily on others. Its time to get back to your priorities, work and resume your responsibilities in full way. Trend of externalization of energies, travel ,shopping now fades and this week brings your awareness back to things which really matter. Some matters at home, health of parents will need care, but you will manage things nicely.

Aggression is something which you need to use very wisely ,your temper alone has capacity to ruin best of scenarios, so better become conscious as soon as possible in provoking situations. This week brings balance to you. You start to see things much more clearly, you feel in command and most important pattern now is many trips, intense socialization and feeling connected with loved ones.

Feel free to reach out to your friends, family as good advice, financial help and moral support all is seen to come. Its time to grow your people network,say yes to new opportunities, you need to move out and explore life with free mindset. Most of your learning, lessons will come from people connected at work, through your friends and associations. This week, you will learn immensely through opening yourself to others, through traveling and by trying to understand how others behave and what they expect.


This is not easy task and conflicts, arguments and strong ego clashes are on their way. Travels, extreme externalization of energy and socialization needs thoughtful approach. If you are open to learning, then lessons will come to you every day. Its time for expansion of your mind and travel, see contrasts of people and life as a whole. Most of your actions, thoughts can circle around finding sense of security. You can demand love, security, money and respect from people close to you, but this asking itself can create a storm.

Your approach needs to be more of self-centered. This week brings attention to what matters to you, what brings you security and happiness.

With great power comes the great responsibility. These are the times when you will enjoy success but your approach, attitude can become a big-time spoiler. Many travels, intense material impulses are seen but it can cloud your mind deeply. Most important is not to hurt anyone.

Maintain your dignity, think long term and keep some amount of your energy reserved for your prime duties. Opposing people and insulting situations will actually be medium for very valuable lessons. Good times continue and even gets better. You accomplish lot of work, you get much support, love and appreciation as well which will lift your spirits. You need not get too attached with someone or something, which can also include some emotional states, being flexible is key in this week.

There is right mix of thought and action, you just need to carry the momentum without being stuck. Some heavy arguments and discussions can take place at home, participate responsibly. Your energies are seen to externalize heavily which can lead to many travels this week. You are seen to shop, meet friends, travel to many new places and have intense fun. Indeed, this is good week to take a break, go on vacation or simply pamper yourself.

Family life looks good, there will be many memories created and you feel happy. Just make sure you fulfill your duties well and are not acting out of arrogance or overconfidence.

vedic astrology predictions blog Vedic astrology predictions blog
vedic astrology predictions blog Vedic astrology predictions blog
vedic astrology predictions blog Vedic astrology predictions blog
vedic astrology predictions blog Vedic astrology predictions blog
vedic astrology predictions blog Vedic astrology predictions blog

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